Julie Edwards I am a photographer based in Worthing, West Sussex. My working time is split fairly evenly between London and Sussex although I have worked in many places around the world including the USA and The Congo.

I grew up in North London where my father worked in the press so I was used to seeing just about every newspaper every day and grew up being inspired by the photography in The Times  and other supplements as well as Life Magazine and National Geographic.

I work mainly in within the entertainment industry with my love being documentary photography: photography that tells a story. 



Best known for my Press/PR photography covering the entertainment industry (I am often found in London covering Film Premieres and other red carpet events), my work covers most news and Commercial PR type events.

With my heart in documentary photography, it should be no surprise that Events are covered in a “reportage” style, capturing atmosphere and emotions, telling the story of the event. 

Working discreetly & quickly I am used to high pressure situations with tight time constraints, delivering images securely via this website.

2018 has been a year of new challenges. I ran the London Marathon, I was voted onto the Board of the British Press Photographers Association, helping to improve the image and practices of working press photographers. I also took the step of venturing in front of the camera for colleagues which has given me a new perspective on how it feels to be the other side of of a photoshoot, knowledge that is shaping my work in the studio. 

For my thoughts on why you should hire a professional photographer, read this blog entry.

I also write a widely read “technical” blog detailing my use of Fuji cameras and other equipment.

My work is mainly represented via “Avalon/Photoshot/UPPA/LFI” and in addition to being regularly featured in UK publications (magazines and newspapers), my work often appears in the international press, books and on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray booklets and covers.

A small selection of published work may be viewed on the Tear Sheets page.

Please visit the the online gallery to view black and white Limited Edition (signed) prints. (Colour Limited Editions are available here).

Contact me to ask me about a commission.