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INTERSTELLAR IMAX FILM PRINT on 03/11/2014 at BFI IMAX, London. Director Christopher Nolan is well known for his championing of film, preferring to shoot on the format over digital. With Interstellar Nolan shot over 70minutes of the movie direct on IMAX film, the most that has ever been used on a feature film. In an effort to promote the format further, Nolan is allowing cinemas showing the movie from film to open on November 5, two days earlier than the domestic wide release on November 7. Nolan also prefers the huge scale of IMAX over 3D and the IMAX release of Interstellar is the largest release in the history IMAX. The IMAX film, with a negative size five times that of the standard 35mm is approx 60,288ft long and runs for 248minutes, just fitting on the “platter” used to hold the film as it feeds to and from the projector. Fork lifts are used to move the 338kg film to and from storage. Picture by Julie Edwards