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Film Stories Issue 2 Cover 1 Mark KermodeRussian Roulette Magazine - Jan 2019Russian Roulette Magazine - Jan 2019The Times Page 4 02/01/2019 New Year SunriseThe Guardian Front Page 18/09/2018 Liberal Democrats Party ConferenceThe Daily Mail 18/09/2018 Emma ThompsonThe Daily Mail 11/07/2018 BBMF in RAF 100 FlypastThe Metro 11/07/2018 Dakota in RAF 100 FlypastThe Guardian 19/11/2017 Damon Albarn and GorillazThe Guardian 16/10/2017 The sun rises over the English Channel and Rampion windfarmThe Guardian 26/09/2017 Double Page Labour Party ConferenceSky News 10/01/2016  David Bowie TributeThe Guardian Front Page 06/10/2016 Conservative Party ConferenceThe Guardian 22/02/2016 ComicConEvening Standard for CARE InternationalDaily Telegraph 15/06/2015 Fabians Conf.Radio Times 09/05/2015 Festival No. 6The Times 03/01/2015 Worthing Beach SunsetThe Guardian 07/10/2014 Lib Dem Conf